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'All Winners' - Short Film

A brother is training his younger brother for a competition to maintain a long lived family tradition.

Although the younger brother has altered ambitions.


Produced by Free Rein Productions

Producer - Zoe Le Moullec

DOP - Claire Pie

Director/Scenario/Film Editor - Antoine Langevin

Dialogues - Oliver Shaw

Actors - Harley Murphy, Oliver Shaw, Magnus Irvine 

Sound Designed/Mixer - Michele Covio

Colourist - Janak Griffin-Rai

VFX - Loredana Gangemi

'Sunyata'​ - Short film

Sunyata : the doctrine that phenomena are devoid of an immutable or determinate intrinsic nature. It is often regarded as a means of gaining an intuition of ultimate reality.


Directed by Antoine Langevin

Filmed/Edited/colour graded by Fx Faidy

Assistant director - Marie Viard

Actress - Lesley Harris

Music by Soft Liquid

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