Sierra & South - 'Journey of a hat maker'

Matt Kitto is a hat maker from London.

This video is capturing Matt in his London studio, showing the craft of hat making , and follows the process of this specific craft step by step. 

Director/Editing - Antoine Langevin

Sound Designed/Mixer - Michele Covio 

'Out Of Space' - Short Film

This film has been made in 72 hours during the 'Kino Caen Film Festival'.

DOP - Yohann Vorillon, Sophie Clavaizolle

Director/Scenario - Romain Gauthier, Antoine Langevin

Video Editing - Romain Gauthier, Yohann Vorillon

Actors - Joanne Genini, Romain Gauthier

Sound Designed/Mixer - Michele Covio, Peter Bannier, Antoine Langevin

Colourist - Richard Harvey

Make Up - Ana Viard

'All Winners' - Short Film

A brother is training his younger brother for a competition to maintain a long lived family tradition.

Although the younger brother has altered ambitions.

Producer - Zoe Le Moullec

DOP - Claire Pie

Director/Scenario/Film Editor - Antoine Langevin

Dialogues - Oliver Shaw

Actors - Harley Murphy, Oliver Shaw, Magnus Irvine 

Sound Designed/Mixer - Michele Covio

Colourist - Janak Griffin-Rai

VFX - Loredana Gangemi

ELOTOMI - "Ours"

Filmed at New River Studio (London).

ELOTOMI is a french singer/musician based in London.

Director/Video editor - Antoine Langevin

Director of Photography - Richard Harvey

'Everyone Needs A Dan Leno' - Music video

Inspired by the french mime art and the true life experience of the actor Peter Seller, 'Everyone Needs A Dan Leno' is a song about alter ego, schizophrenia and a fight for power.

Directed and filmed by Antoine Langevin

Make up Artist - Alexandra Freeman

Colour graded by Richard Harvey

Edited by Antoine Langevin

Actors - Oliver Shaw, Harley Murphy

Music by Oliver Shaw

'Nocturne' - Short Film

This experimental film is based on three short stories written by Julien Deloubes.

Synopsis : A man tormented in his soul, a woman gripped by unexplaineable anxiety and the nocturnal musings of an author on the brink of madness. Contamination? Revelation? The human condition and its torments diving into the shadows of consciousness.

Directed and filmed by Antoine Langevin & Julien Deloubes

Edited by Caroline Landry

Actress - Terria Morgan

Actor - Antoine Langevin

Actor - Julien Deloubes

Music by Antoine Langevin

'The Last Of The English Cowboys' - Music video

This music video is about a love story depicted in the poetic words of Oliver Shaw's music.

Directed and filmed by Antoine Langevin

Colour graded by Richard Harvey

Edited by Antoine Langevin

Actress - Sarah Grace

Actor - Oliver Shaw

Music by Oliver Shaw

'Silent Movie' - Music video

Oliver Shaw is a London based musician. This video illustrates his song 'silent movie', filmed in the suitably dystopian setting of The Barbican, London.


Directed and filmed by Antoine Langevin

Colour graded by Richard Harvey

Edited by Antoine Langevin

Actor - Oliver Shaw

Music by Oliver Shaw

'Sunyata'​ - Short film

Sunyata : the doctrine that phenomena are devoid of an immutable or determinate intrinsic nature. It is often regarded as a means of gaining an intuition of ultimate reality.


Directed by Antoine Langevin

Filmed/Edited/colour graded by Fx Faidy

Assistant director - Marie Viard

Actress - Lesley Harris

Music by Antoine Langevin

'Plaisir Partagé' - Short film

Based on the "superheroes" and "play-on-words" themes, this short film was made for the Kino filmmaking movement. 


Directed by Antoine Langevin

Screenplay - Julien Deloubes, Antoine Langevin

Fimed/Edited/Colour graded by Sébastien Galonnier

Lighting - Thomas Bevia

Boom operator - Julien Rouveron

Actors - Marie Viard, Julien Deloubes, Sébastien Vergne

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